Relevant codes and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goal 1 . End poverty in all its forms everywhere

The present Law establishes the bases of emergence of the rights of citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic to work pension, rules of realization of these rights and system of providing with work pension.

The present Law establishes the legal basis for appointment and payment of social benefits in the Azerbaijan Republic and governs other relations arising in this sphere.

The present Law determines measures for resettlement, social protection of displaced persons and persons equated to them in the Azerbaijan Republic and the tasks of state bodies connected with it.

The present Law determines the legal basis and rules of implementation of land reform in the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present Law establishes the principles and rules of determination of subsistence minimum, its state guarantee, increase in subsistence minimum according to social and economic development of the country.

The present Law carries the purpose of implementation by everyone of the right to be engaged in the free business activity determined by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, and other types of economic activity which are not prohibited by the Law and determines economic, legal, organizational basis, forms and methods of government assistance to small business in the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present Law establishes legal and organizational basis of activities of family peasant economy in the Azerbaijan Republic.