Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
İndicator 5.6.2 Status of laws and regulations providing full and equal access to sexual and reproductive health services and information and education for women and men aged 15 and over

According to Part III of Article 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the state guarantees equality of rights and freedoms for everyone, regardless of gender. Restrictions on human and civil rights and freedoms on the basis of sexual orientation are prohibited. Also, according to Article 41 of the Constitution, everyone has the right to health protection. 
According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law on Gender Equality, equality between men and women in political, economic, social, cultural and other spheres of public life is guaranteed. 
Relations between citizens and state bodies, as well as subjects of state  and nonstate health care systems in the field of public health protection are regulated by the Law  of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Public Health Protection. Chapter V of the Law also covers family lanning and regulation of human  reproductive functions.  
In accordance with Article 4.0.13 of the aw of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Youth Policy, the state is responsible for providing young  people with knowledge in the field of family planning and reproductive health, and improving the  work of enterprises providing services in this field. In accordance with Article 7.1 of this Law, the  Ministry of Youth and Sports and local executive authorities together with the Ministry of Health  take measures to ensure physical and reproductive health.
At the same time, a number of state programs approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan envisage measures related to reproductive health. 
We note that according to Article 1.4 of the Family Code  (hereinafter - the Code), the legal regulation of marriage and family relations in the Republic of  Azerbaijan is carried out by the state and only marriages concluded at the registry office,  consulate and executive authority are recognized.
 According to Article 1.5 of the Code, religious marriage (religious marriage) has nolegal significance. 
According to the Law No. 255- IVQD of November 15, 2011 “On Amendments to the Family Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, the minimum marriage age for women was increased by one year and set at 18  ears,  equal to that of men. 
Accorditnog Article 10.2 of the Code, if there are good reasons, the  local executive authority of the area where the persons wishing to enter into marriage and the  minor live may, at their request, allow the age of marriage to be reduced by no more than 1 year. 
According to Article 11 of the Code, marriages between minors are not allowed. 
Resolution  of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 213 of June 23, 2020 approved the  "Rules for raising awareness among young people about the importance of family and marriage,  the negative consequences of early marriage and consanguineous marriage in order to protect  and strengthen it."

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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İndicator name: Status of laws and regulations providing full and equal access to sexual and reproductive health services and information and education for women and men aged 15 and over
1 1 Contact
1.1 Contact organisation The State Statistical Committee of Republic of Azerbaijan
1.2 Contact organisation unit Department of sustainable development statistics
1.3 Contact name Ilgar Valiyev
1.4 Contact person function Head of the department of sustainable development statistics
1.5 Contact mail address Baku-AZ1136, Inshaatchilar Avenue 81
1.6 Contact email address
1.7 Contact phone number +99412 377 10 70 (ex 2251)
1.8 Contact fax number (+99412) 538 24 42
2 1 Metadata update
2.1 Metadata last certified 11.11.2020
2.2 Metadata last posted 11.11.2020
2.3 Metadata last update 13.03.2023
3 1 Statistical presentation
3.1 Data description
Relations between citizens and state bodies, as well as subjects of state and nonstate health care systems in the field of public health protection are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Public Health Protection. Chapter V of the Law also covers family planning and regulation of human reproductive functions. 
3.2 Classification system Not applicable.
3.3 Sector coverage Not applicable.
3.4 Statistical concepts and definitions
According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law on Gender Equality, equality between men and women in political, economic, social, cultural and other spheres of public life is guaranteed. 
3.5 Statistical unit Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan
3.6 Statistical population Not applicable.
3.7 Reference area By country.
3.8 Time coverage Data is available as of 2015.
3.9 Base period Data is available as of 2015.
4 1 Unit of measure Not applicable.
5 1 Reference period Yearly
6 1 Institutional mandate
6.1 Legal acts and other agreements Law "On Guarantees of Gender (Men and Women) Equality", Law "On Protection of Population Health", Law "On Youth Policy", Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan
6.2 Data sharing The data is collected by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
7 1 Confidentiality
7.1 Confidentiality - policy In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Official Statistics" (Article 15), it is prohibited to provide primary data • February 19, 2014 of the State Statistics Committee "How to work with personal data, how to protect their privacy?" approved by the decree No. 7/02s dated There is a manual called • protection of the confidentiality of primary (personal) data is reflected in the policy document of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of protection of confidential statistical data.
7.2 Confidentiality - data treatment It is not allowed to distribute official statistical materials reflecting confidential information or disclosing it among users. The final (aggregated) data permitted to be disclosed must include data from at least three statistical units, and the share of any of the statistical units in such summaries must not exceed 85%.
8 1 Release policy
8.1 Release calendar It is carried out on the basis of the approved schedule for the distribution of statistical data and press data. The information is reflected in the aggregate.
8.2 Release calendar access The broadcast calendar is posted on the website of the Committee in the Electronic services section. Access is open to all users and there are no restrictions.
8.3 User access In accordance with the "Law on Official Statistics", users receive statistical materials within the framework of the uniform rules and legal norms provided for in the official statistics program on the dissemination of information. In providing users with statistical information, all possible forms of data carriers are used, including special publications of state statistical bodies, mass media and other means.
9 1 Frequency of dissemination
10 1 Accessibility and clarity Yearly
10.1 News release It is distributed both in paper and electronic form.
10.2 Publications It is reflected in the statistical compilation "Sustainable Development Goals: a statistical overview" and its electronic version is available on the website of the State Statistics Committee:
10.3 On-line database Ready tables are available at this link:
10.4 Micro-data access Micro data can be used only in accordance with the "Rules for providing users with micro data for research purposes" approved by the Chairman of the State Statistics Committee on 13.06.2011.
10.5 Other Access to data is provided for all users at the same time. Data is free for all users. Users' requests are answered in electronic and written form.
10.6 Documentation on methodology Methodological explanations are available at this link:
10.7 Quality documentation Documents on quality:
11 1 Quality management
11.1 Quality assurance The State Statistics Committee implements a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 international standard, in 2013, an external audit of the quality management system was conducted at the State Statistics Committee, and in August of that year, for the first time, ISO 9001:2008 was awarded in the field of "Production and dissemination of official statistical data". an international certificate of conformity has been obtained. After the change in the international standard in 2015, all documents of the quality management system were redone in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015. According to the results of the certification audit conducted on March 09-10, 2017, the apparatus of the State Statistics Committee and 13 local statistical bodies where CSI is applied, and then the apparatus of the State Statistics Committee according to the results of the re-certification audit conducted on March 02-06, 2020 and 17 other local statistical bodies, where KIS is applied, were awarded the ISO 9001:2015 international compliance certificate in the field of "Production and dissemination of official statistical data" ( certificate_2015.pdf ). Since 2012, "General Statistical Business Process Model" (GSBPM) has been applied in order to standardize the production of statistical products. Based on the national version of the "Statistical Business - General Model of the Process", a description of the statistical processes of "Application of SBPÜM (GSBPM) in the process of managing statistical processes for energy statistics" was prepared ( 2/quality/ ). Not less than 1 time per year, seminars on CSI are organized for employees of structural units of the apparatus and local statistical bodies. In 2010 and 2017, the Global Assessment of the National Statistical System of the Republic of Azerbaijan was conducted by the European Statistical Bureau (Eurostat), the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). In accordance with the recommendations of experts, improvement works are being carried out in this field.
11.2 Quality assessment On the basis of the "Audit program" approved annually, internal audits are carried out in the departments of the apparatus and in the local statistical bodies where the KIS is applied. Audit teams are organized to conduct audits and an individual audit plan is approved for each structural unit. The audit team performs the audit based on the audit plan. Internal monitoring of quality aspects in the State Statistics Committee is carried out centrally by an authorized structural unit (Quality Management and Metadata Department) and a "Management Analysis" document is prepared and presented to the management every year on the results of the audits. Members of the audit team (auditors) are instructed by the chief auditor before each audit, as well as through seminars organized not less than once a year. "Quality management systems" of the activity of the State Statistics Committee. Requirements" meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard is considered one of its strongest points. The weakest aspects are the increase in workload due to the lack of complete transition to electronic documentation and parallel circulation of paper documents, as well as the late adaptation of staff (colleagues) to the requirements of new standards.
12 1 Relevance
12.1 User needs Ministries and committees of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international organizations, legal and natural persons
12.2 User satisfaction Users go to the official website address and answer the questions in the "request on providing users with statistical information" section. It also measures user satisfaction.
12.3 Completeness The information is fully covered.
13 1 Accuracy and reliability
13.1 Overall accuracy No such assessment has been conducted.
13.2 Sampling error Not applicable.
13.3 Non-sampling error Not applicable.
14 1 Timeliness and punctuality
14.1 Timeliness Data on this indicator are collected annually until the 1st decade of September.
14.2 Punctuality Dissemination of the final results is carried out in a timely manner in accordance with the "Statistical Works Program".
15 1 Coherence and comparability
15.1 Comparability - geographical No comparison is made.
15.2 Comparability - over time Not applicable.
15.3 Coherence - cross domain No related statistics.
15.4 Coherence - internal No comparison is made.
16 1 Cost and burden Not applicable.
17 1 Data revision
17.1 Data revision - policy Not applicable.
17.2 Data revision - practice Not applicable.
18 1 Statistical processing
18.1 Source data Preliminary information is provided by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
18.2 Frequency of data collection Data are collected annually.
18.3 Data collection Information is available online.
18.4 Data validation After the data is entered into the database, the entered data is checked by the colleagues of the department: If inconsistencies are detected during the monitoring of the online database, the relevant ministry, committee or head office that submitted the information is informed about it, relevant explanations are given and relevant corrections are made before the end of the reporting period.
18.5 Data compilation Data is being aggregated.
18.6 Adjustment Seasonal adjustments are not made.
19 1 Comment No comments.