International events dedicated to sustainable development were held in St. Petersburg

An international seminar on "Statistical Capacity Building for Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs) Monitoring" and the meeting of the UNECE CES Steering Group on Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals organized jointly by the Federal State Statistics Service of Russian Federation and the World Bank were held in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation 12-15 September. Rasim Safarov, Head of the Department of Sustainable Development of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan is attending the events.

The three-day international workshop and meeting have been devoted to discussion at the global, regional and national levels the achievements in the field of monitoring of SDG indicators, challenges of collection, processing, dissemination, sharing with international organizations and reliability of the national data, country experiences in the field of SDG indicators’ national reporting platforms, as well as initiatives related with global indicators system developed by the IAEG-SDG, statistical capacity building for SDG monitoring, issues of application of Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) to SDG indicators at the national level, availability of satellite images in SDG monitoring, further phases of UNECE Road Map on Statistics for SDGs and the agenda of the Steering Group meeting 2019.

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