Relevant codes and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goal 9 . Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

The present Law establishes general bases of legal, technical and economic and organizational design philosophies, constructions, uses, contents, protection and development of highways in the Azerbaijan Republic and the related engineering constructions, and also management of road economy and governs the main relations arising between subjects of road economy. This Law extends to all highways of the Azerbaijan Republic, regardless of the owner, users and value.

The present Law establishes legal, organizational and economic basis of public conveyances and loads road transport in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, governs the relations arising in this sphere between state bodies, carriers and consumers of services in public conveyance and loads road transport.

According to Items 10 and 27 of part 1 of article 94 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the present Law establishes legal basis of creation and activities of credit bureaus in the Azerbaijan Republic, the principles of forming by credit bureaus of credit histories and uses of data, regulates the rights and obligations of credit bureaus, subjects of credit stories, suppliers and users of information, and also questions of control over credit bureaus.

The present Law establishes rules of organization, management and regulation of activities of non-bank credit institutions for the purpose of more complete requirements satisfaction of physical persons and legal entities in the Azerbaijan Republic in financial resources, creating favorable conditions for use of financial services.

The present Law carries the purpose of implementation by everyone of the right to be engaged in the free business activity determined by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, and other types of economic activity which are not prohibited by the Law and determines economic, legal, organizational basis, forms and methods of government assistance to small business in the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present Law establishes the legal basis of creation, activities and liquidation of financial and industrial groups in the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present Law establishes economic, legal and organizational basis of creation and activities of credit unions in the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present  Law establishes legal, economic and organizational basis of functioning of transport.