Relevant codes and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goal 7 . Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

The present Law determines legal, economic and social basis of state policy in the field of use of energy resources, and also the main directions of the mechanism of its implementation, governs the relations arising in this area between the state and legal entities and physical persons.

The present Law determines the legal basis of development, transportation, distribution, purchase and sale and consumption of electrical and heat energy. Basic purpose of the present Law - to provide rational use of energy resources and social and economic feasibility of development of energy, showing care of the environment, and its deliveries to energy market taking into account consumer interests.

The present Law regulates activity on manufacture, processing, transportation, storage, distribution, sale and use of all kinds (including also natural gases) of gases (hereinafter referred to as "gas"), consumed as the energy carrier in gaseous and liquefied condition.

Purpose of the present Law consists in legal support productions at power plants, including independent power plants, electrical and heat energy, production efficiency of electrical and heat energy together with industrial processes, cooperation between producers, suppliers and distributors of electrical and heat energy, restrictions of negative impact on safety, health of the population and environment.