Relevant codes and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goal 4 . Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

According to Items 1 and 10 of part 1 of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the present Law establishes the basic principles of state policy in the field of the organization, management and development of scientific activities in the Azerbaijan Republic, the purpose of science and scientific and innovative activities, the right and obligation of subjects of scientific activities, funding mechanisms for science, organization-legal bases of stimulation of scientific achievements and their use. The present law determines the leading role and tasks of science in ensuring political, economic, social and cultural development of the country, in increase in prosperity and academic degree of each citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic, in satisfaction of such natural and moral requirements as comprehension of new knowledge and knowledge of the world.

The present Law establishes the basic principles of state policy in the sphere of ensuring the right to education fixed in Constitutions of the Azerbaijan Republic, and general terms of regulation of educational activities plays basic role in adoption of the relevant laws and other regulatory legal acts on separate steps of education. Education in the Azerbaijan Republic has secular and continuous character and is the priority field of activity of strategic importance reflecting interests of the citizen, society and state. Education in the Azerbaijan Republic is based on international conventions about human rights and other international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic, and develops on the basis of priority of national cultural and universal wealth by integration into world educational system.

The present Law determines the rights and freedoms of children in the Azerbaijan Republic, the basic principles of state policy concerning children, tasks of state bodies, other legal entities and physical persons in the field of protection of children according to the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other rules of international law.

The present Law regulates the relationships in the field of education of persons with limited health (hereinafter referred to as "special education"), defines organizational and legal and economic basis of special education.