Relevant codes and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goal 17 . Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

The present Law determines the legal and economic principles of implementation of foreign investments in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. The law is directed to attraction and effective use in the national economy of foreign material and financial resources, the advanced foreign equipment and technology and managerial experience and guarantees protection of the rights of foreign investors.

The present Law regulates implementation of state loans and provision of the state guarantees, and also the relations between the subjects who are taking part in national debt management.

The present Law determines general social, economic and legal terms of investing activities in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present Law governs the relations evolving in connection with forming of information reserves from creation, collection, conversion, storage, search, distribution of information with creation and use of information systems, technologies, means of their providing, information protection, and the rights of the subjects participating in information processes are determined.

The present Law determines legal, economic, organizational basis of activities in the field of telecommunication and regulates purposeful planning and fair expenditure of telecommunication resources.

The present Law determines the legal basis for the organization and implementation of electronic trading in the Azerbaijan Republic, the rights and obligations, and also responsibility of her participants for violation of the law about electronic trading.

The present Law establishes rules of forming and application of customs tariff in the Azerbaijan Republic, and also taxation by customs duties of goods in case of their movement through customs border of the Azerbaijan Republic (further – customs border).

The present Law governs the relations connected with collection, processing and personal data protection, forming of the Section of personal data in national information space, and also the questions connected with cross-border transfer of personal data establishes the rights and obligations of the state bodies and local government bodies, physical persons and legal entities operating in this sphere.

The present Law sets out legal provisions on Official Statistics in the Republic of Azerbaijan and defines the powers and functions of the state statistical bodies. It applies to executive power bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, legal entities regardless of the type of ownership and organizational-legal form (their representative and branch offices), legal entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan located outside of boundaries of the Republic of Azerbaijan and representative offices, branches of foreign legal entities acting in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as to citizens and natural persons. Official Statistics provides accurate and qualitative (representative) information about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation in the country to government institutions, social and economic agents, academic circles, the general public, international organisations and other users.