Relevant codes and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Goal 12 . Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

The present Law establishes the basic principles of state policy in the sphere of ensuring the right to education fixed in Constitutions of the Azerbaijan Republic, and general terms of regulation of educational activities plays basic role in adoption of the relevant laws and other regulatory legal acts on separate steps of education. Education in the Azerbaijan Republic has secular and continuous character and is the priority field of activity of strategic importance reflecting interests of the citizen, society and state. Education in the Azerbaijan Republic is based on international conventions about human rights and other international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic, and develops on the basis of priority of national cultural and universal wealth by integration into world educational system.

The purpose of the present Law consists in establishment of the legal basis for protection of life and health of the person, society, its material and moral values, the environment, including atmospheric air, space, water objects, subsoil of the earth, the earth, natural landscape, plant and animal life against the danger resulting from impact of natural and anthropogenous factors.
The present Law determines state policy of the Azerbaijan Republic and legal relations in the field of prevention of harmful effects on human health and the environment of production and household waste (further - "waste"), except for harmful gases, the contaminated waters and radioactive waste, reduction of their dangerous impact, ensuring ecological equilibrium in the nature, and also waste managements for the purpose of attraction of such waste in economic circulation as sources of secondary raw materials.
The present Law governs the relations arising in connection with studying (search, investigation), rational use and protection of subsoil of the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, including the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea (lake) with safe work, provides when using subsoil protection of interests of the state, subsoil users and citizens when using subsoil.
Atmospheric air is the integral component of the environment influencing health, working ability of people, flora and fauna. The present Law, establishing the legal basis of protection of atmospheric air, it is directed to implementation of the rights of the population to accommodation in the favorable environment and receipt of exact information on the environment.
The present Law determines the legal basis of conducting observations, researches and works of active impact on atmospheric processes, developments, uses and protection of data by hydrometeorology and monitoring of the environment in the Azerbaijan Republic.
The present Law determines legal, economic and social basis of environmental protection. The purpose of the Law consists in providing ecological safety in the field of protection of ecological equilibrium of the environment, elimination of harmful effects of economic and other activity on natural ecological systems, preserving biological diversity and the rational organization of environmental management. The present Law regulates interrelation of society and the nature for the purpose of strengthening of legality and legal rules of improvement of quality of the environment, rational use and recovery of natural resources, environmental protection.
The sanitary legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic governs the public relations in the field of sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of the population as necessary sales term in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic of the rights and interests of citizens and society in preservation and promotion of health, physical and spiritual development, active longevity of people.
The purpose of the present Law is to provide consumers with quality and sufficient quantities of water, meeting the requirements of state standards, regulation of waste water discharge.
The present Law governs the relations connected with safety of hydraulic engineering constructions during their designing, construction, operation, reconstruction, recovery, preservation and liquidation, establishes obligations of public authorities, owners of constructions and operators.
The present Law determines the legal basis of accident-free activities in the field of sources of radioactive radiation, protection against radiation hazard and public health care.
The present Law establishes legal, economic and organizational basis of the state policy connected with ecological formation and education of the population, governs the relations in this area.
According to Items 1 and 10 of part 1 of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the present Law establishes the basic principles of state policy in the field of the organization, management and development of scientific activities in the Azerbaijan Republic, the purpose of science and scientific and innovative activities, the right and obligation of subjects of scientific activities, funding mechanisms for science, organization-legal bases of stimulation of scientific achievements and their use. The present law determines the leading role and tasks of science in ensuring political, economic, social and cultural development of the country, in increase in prosperity and academic degree of each citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic, in satisfaction of such natural and moral requirements as comprehension of new knowledge and knowledge of the world.
The present Law determines legal, economic and social basis of state policy in the field of use of energy resources, and also the main directions of the mechanism of its implementation, governs the relations arising in this area between the state and legal entities and physical persons.
Purpose of the present Law consists in legal support productions at power plants, including independent power plants, electrical and heat energy, production efficiency of electrical and heat energy together with industrial processes, cooperation between producers, suppliers and distributors of electrical and heat energy, restrictions of negative impact on safety, health of the population and environment.
The present Law regulates activity on manufacture, processing, transportation, storage, distribution, sale and use of all kinds (including also natural gases) of gases (hereinafter referred to as "gas"), consumed as the energy carrier in gaseous and liquefied condition.
The present Law determines the legal basis of development, transportation, distribution, purchase and sale and consumption of electrical and heat energy. Basic purpose of the present Law - to provide rational use of energy resources and social and economic feasibility of development of energy, showing care of the environment, and its deliveries to energy market taking into account consumer interests.

The present Law establishes the legal basis of recovery, increase and protection of fertility of the lands which are in the Azerbaijan Republic in the state-owned, municipal and private property.

The present  Law determines economic, legal and organizational basis of public procurements in the Azerbaijan Republic, establishes the principles and rules of effective and economical use of public funds during purchases, creation of equal competitive environment for all consignors (contractors) on the basis of tender and publicity.

The present Law establishes legal, economic and social basis of safe operation of potentially dangerous objects, regulates activities operating the specified objects of legal entities and physical persons, directed to prevention of accidents, possible on these objects, and elimination of effects of the happened accidents. Provisions of the present Law extend on all legal entities and physical person irrespective of the legal form and pattern of ownership which are engaged in operation of potentially dangerous objects in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The present Law determines the principles of the state policy directed to establishment of the legal basis of the market of tourism in the Azerbaijan Republic bases of tourist activities and governs the relations arising in the field of tourism, determines procedure for effective use of reserves of tourism as one of the means providing social and economic development.