Extract from the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Article 25. Right for equality

I. All people are equal with respect to the law and law court.

II. Men and women possess equal rights and liberties.

III. Everyone has equal rights and liberties irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, origin, property status, social position, convictions, political party, trade union organization and social unity affiliation. Limitations or recognition of rights and liberties because of race, ethnicity, social status, language, origin, convictions and religion are prohibited.

IV. No one may be harmed, granted advantages or privileges, or deprived from granting advantages and privileges on the basis of the abovementioned grounds.

V. Everyone shall be guaranteed equal rights in any proceeding before state authorities and bearers of public authority that decide on his/her rights and duties.

VI. Persons with impaired health are entitled to all rights and carry all duties vested by this Constitution, except in cases when enjoyment of rights and performance of duties is impeded on their limited abilities.